Noto e Vendicari

The itinerary begins with a visit to one of the most beautiful nature reserves of Sicily, protected by the unspoilt beauty of its beaches and the importance he held for the Protection of Birds (already recognized by the Ramsar Convention for wetlands). The path goes through some of the most extensive marshes present, they live flamingos and herons, cormorants, hawks, with several other species.
Along the way, they meet observation huts of birds, ancient salt mines and the trap that was still in operation until the Second World War. Walking along the coast, lapped by deep blue, we will find ourselves in the realm of the dwarf palm, juniper, thyme and mastic.
In the second part of the day, will be offered a lovely walk through the streets of downtown of Noto, the beautiful Baroque town which has become heritage of the UNESCO, with its churches and palaces.

It’s a easy escursion.



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